Natural Gardening Works is a gardening business that is passionate about beautiful and healthy gardens. The intention is to develop garden settings where clients can experience relaxation and enjoyment, where they can be inspired and revitalized for living in our urban environment.

So whether it be through good design & installation, or a regular garden maintenance service, Natural Gardening Works can help you.

Natural Gardening Works does not use industrialized poisons or herbicides, nor chemical fertilizers. It incorporates a natural, organic approach to gardening with a Permaculture twist and understands the relationships between the soil and the plants that we grow. Natural Gardening Works seeks to partner with the created world, with its natural rhythms and processes that promote life in a garden. When the balance is right, a wonderful diversity of life develops, producing an environment full of health, vitality and abundance.

The approach of Natural Gardening Works is guided by the Owner & Operator of the business, Phillip Bradley, who is a Permaculture Designer and Practitioner.

Natural Gardening Works operates out of the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, so if you are living in that region, you can benefit from NGW’s experience and the personal and friendly service you will receive.

Natural Gardening Works is associated with the Applied Permaculture Design family, which is involved with Permaculture Design & Installation throughout Victoria and beyond.